Snap On Circuit Breaker Lockout Device

• Suitable for various single-hole and multi hole circuit breakers with a built-in
tripping device.
• Use the wing screws to fix the lock on the switch knob; then fasten the stop
cover on the wing screw and lock it out to avoid loosing;
• The brand new blade type design applies less force onto the wing screw but
makes engagement tighter;
• The removable clamping plate (included) further expands the scope of application
• 1 locking hole
• Accepts shackle up to : 7.5mm,
• Inner Rectangular slot (teeth part) : 40.8mm X 15.2mm / 16.5mm X 12.2mm
• Nose width 12.5mm / 8.5 mm (thin line), 30mm (thick part)


Model No. LS-BR42

Snap-on Circuit Breaker Lockout, 1 locking hole

Inner Rectangular slot (teeth part) : 16.5mm X 12.2mm
Nose width 8.8mm.


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