Circuit breaker lockout – LS-BR22

Material : ABS + Metal screw
Locking Holes : 01
Accepts shackle up to : 8 / 9 mm
Non foldable screw: length 19.4mm, thickness 3.8mm
• Foldable Screw: length 54mm, foldable length 30mm,
thickness 3.7mm
• MCB operator locking curve 11.5 mm
• Used to isolate the MCB hence prevent accidental switching ON the device, can be installed only
in switched OFF position.
• Rust resistant screws.
• Suitable to lockout single / double / three / four pole operating handle circuit breaker.


Circuit breaker lockout – Small

with normal screw & without nose

Height 48.5mm
Width 22.7mm
MCB operator locking curve 11.5mm
Folding screw (overall length 51 mm, foldable length 29mm)
Accepts shackle upto 8mm


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