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Lukko Safety is recognized as India’s largest manufacturer and supplier of lockout tagout (LOTO) systems. With a strong presence in the market, Lukko Safety has established itself as a reliable and trusted brand in the field of industrial safety equipment.

The company specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for energy control and hazardous energy isolation. LOTO systems are essential in industries where equipment and machinery need to be properly shut down and locked out to prevent accidental start-up or release of hazardous energy during maintenance or repair work.

Lukkosafety offers a wide range of LOTO products, including lockout devices, tagout systems, safety padlocks, lockout hasps, electrical lockouts, valve lockouts, and more. These products are designed to meet international safety standards and are made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and reliability.

In addition to manufacturing and supplying LOTO products, Lukkosafety also offers training programs and on-site consultation services to educate and assist organizations in implementing effective lockout tagout procedures. Their team of experts ensures that clients understand the importance of LOTO and are equipped with the knowledge and tools to create a safe working environment.


What is Lockout Tagout and LOTO Safety Products?


Lock Out Tag Out or LOTO is a safety method that is practiced by putting a particular lock out tag out equipment to devices or machinery that isolate energy. This safety procedure makes sure that an energy-isolating device is completely off while on maintenance mode. There are various lock out devices for various purposes. Check our products list to know more about a various range of supreme quality lockout devices.

Why Use LOTO Lock Equipments?


LOTO lock safety equipment are used to ensure the safety of employees from hazardous energy sources on machines. By using the best LOTO lock safety procedure, you make sure that every machinery is locked and safe during maintenance mode. To avoid accidents don’t lack behind with the necessary safety equipments for your machinery. Get the best quality safety LOTO lock equipment from Lukko Safety which is a worldwide supplier of lockout tagout equipment.

The Lockout Tagout Hasp is mostly used with a OSHA padlock or a pin inserted in loop.
It's time to stop putting your employees in harm's way. Lockout-tagout padlocks are the perfect solution for keeping your place of work safe.
Lock-out Tag-out (LOTO) for valves are used to prevent different kinds of pressured values ....

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