Miniature Circuit breaker-LS-BR13

Material : ABS + Metal screw
Locking holes : 01
Accepts shackle up to : 8/ 8.6mm
Non foldable screw: length 11.5mm, thickness 4.9mm
Foldable screw: length 54mm, foldable length 30mm, thickness 3.7mm
Size : Height 47 / 57.5mm, Width 9.6 / 13.8mm
• MCB operator locking curve 8 / 8.5 mm
• Circuit Breaker Lockout is used to isolate the electrical energy to procure the
electrical hazardous situation, applicable only when the energy source is in
switched OFF situation.
• Suitable to lockout single / double / three pole operating handle circuit breaker.


Miniature Circuit breaker lockout

TIE Bar pattern, 2 locking hole

Complete Length with bolt 59mm, width 12.7mm, Accepts shackle upto 7.5mm,
BOLT (length47.5mm, thickness4.7mm),
Front metallic strip (length9mm
Width 3.25mm above, 6.44mm lower


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