Multi-functional Snap-On Circuit Breaker Lockout

• New designed electric switch lockout with adjustable measurement scales at the
bottom of breaker lockouts.
• The stop rob is 40mm long, can lock out circuit breaker with a handle width
~37mm; Suitable for 480/600V circuit breaker When adjust the length, turn the
bottom hook over 90°.There are 6 scale marks on the right, move the bottom
hook to the suitable position;
• Lock out the circuit breaker with slid able long pallet; Still can work effectively
under extreme environments
• Temperature at -45ºCto +130ºC
• 1 Locking hole
• Accepts shackle up to : 7mm,
• Inner Rectangular slot (teeth part) : 37.3mm X 19mm
• Full length : 81,7mm
• Screw (length 40.9mm, thickness 4.8mm)
• Nose width 9.8mm


Model No. LS-BR40

Multi-functional Breaker Lockouts, 1 locking hole

Inner Rectangular slot (teeth part) : 37.3mm X 19mm
full length : 81,7mm.



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