Pneumatic Loto Air Source Lockout Device- LS-PL90

• Material : ABS
• Locking holes: 2 number each sides
• Accepts shackle maximum up to : 8mm
• Sizes : 11.70mm (C Type), 12.50mm (D Type), 15.50mm (E Type) and 20.40mm (Middle)
Can isolate pneumatic power without installing a direct interlocking valve.
Cost reducing, more convenient.
The lock can be connected with an external thread coupler to realize isolation of the
equipment from all compressed air sources.
The centre hole of the lock can be used to store an air hose permanently.
The side ring can be used to hang the hose and the lock.
Can use a padlock with a shackle diameter of 6.4mm or 7.1mm for
lockout purpose


Model No. LS-PL90

Pneumatic (Air source) lockout – three way, 2 locking holes on each side

Accepts shackle upto 8mm


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