Multi Plug Lockout Box Big Size- LS-PL79

• Material : ABS
• Accepts shackle maximum up to : 9mm
• Locking holes: 3 / 4 numbers.
• Installation : At one time four authorized personnel can Lockout the particular device
by using their padlocks (with color code) after their mutual concern they can
remove their particular padlocks and insert the plug for further operation.
• Advantages:
a. Electrical Power Plug Chord Lockout removes the chance to put the plug
accidentally back to the socket while working in maintenance and isolate
the plug chords.
b. It can be used over high and low voltage plugs and applicable on various chord
diameter used to avoid electrical accidents


Model No. LS-PL79

Multi – Plug Lockout Device, 2 locking holes

Size: (W) 93mm X (L) 197.8mm X (H) 99.2mm
Accepts shackle up to : 9mm
Circular cut for wire 15mm, can be extended up to 25.5mm


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