Fuse Lockout- Electrical FUSE Holder Lockout

• Material : ABS + Metal screw
• Locking holes : 01
• Accepts shackle up to : 8.4mm
• Small normal screw: length 11.4mm, thickness 4.9mm
• Size : Height 58.7 mm (Height) and 15 mm (Width)
• locking curve 4.9mm
• This device is suitable for 20A to 400 A fuse holders.
• It is easy to install simply press onto the fuse holders and use
a screwdriver to tighten the screw in the device further set the
lock and tag by an authorized person.
• Device is ideal to use on multiple fuses.


Model No. LS-BR34

Universal Electrical FUSE holder lockout Small with normal screw

Small normal screw: length 11.6mm, thickness 4.9mm
Height 58.7mm
Width 15mm.


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