Snap-On Mcb Safety Lockout-Lukko

• Material : ABS
• Locking hole : 1 number
• Accepts shackle up to : 7mm
• Weight : 10gm
• Size : 55 mm (Length), 55 mm (Width)
a. Inside bended pins : 5.1mm
b. Inner rectangle 1 size : 14.85mm X 9.8mm
c. Inner rectangle 2 size : 12mm X 9 mm
• Application:
a. This device is suitable for 120V circuit breaker, Circuit Breaker Lockout
is used to isolate the electrical energy to procure the electrical hazardous
situation, and fits on different sizes of switch tongues with double cavity
spaces, durable and east to install.


Model No. LS-BR32

Snap – On Circuit Breaker Lockout

Length 55mm, width 21mm

nside bended pins : 5.1mm

Accepts shackle up to : 7mm.


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