Large Handle Circuit Breaker Normal Screw- Lukko

• Material: ABS + anti corrosive screw for industrial and harsh application.
• Accepts shackle up to : 9mm
• Full Length : 84.25mm (without back locking portion)
• Rectangular slot (teeth part) : 77mm X 20.6mm
• Rectangular part outward size : 93.5mm X 48mm
• Teeth : 13 number, thickness 3mm, edge to edge gap 5.5mm
• Locking holes: Totally twelve holes at the upper round and should adjust and meet
three holes at the lower so that three authorized person can lockout the particular device
at a time, then tagout the along with the device for recognition purpose.
• Large handle circuit breaker lockout device require tool with normal screw / No
extra tool needed in foldable screw / round back hence it can be quickly and easily
• Advantage: It’s special designed to lockout wide range of oversized three phase circuit
breakers, the available teeth in the device is used to grip the actuator piker, so that it
can not slip out after lockout.


Model No. LS-BR28

Group circuit breaker lockout (Sticky Base with spikes + 2 rod to fix), 7 locking holes

Accepts shackle up to : 7.6 / 8.5mm.



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