Panel Lockout- DI-Electric Panel Lockout Round

• Material : ABS attached with rivet
• Accepts shackle maximum up to : 7.5mm
• Locking holes : 1 numbers
• Size : 46.3 mm (Outer Dia) and 32.35 mm (Inner Die)
• Three holes of 3mm provided to fix it up with screw if require.
• Round Shape Di-Electric Lockout device is used to lock the racking in-out
point of Air circuit breaker and vacuumed circuit breaker so that no-one can operate the
particular device, also can lock some sort of switches that are inserted inside a plane surface.
• Made by riveting two pieces which can be easily rotated in any direction having three holes
at bottom part to fix with the screw and also can be sticked with the strong double sided preadhesive on requirement for locking purpose.


Model No. LS-EP64

Di-electric Panel Lockout Device – Round, 1 locking hole

Outer dia. 46.3mm
Inner dia. 32.35mm
Accepts shackle up to : 7.5mm.


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