Di-Electric Panel Handle Lockout

• Material : ABS base + Steel / polypropylene strip
• Accepts shackle maximum up to : 8mm
• Locking holes : 10 numbers each side
• Base Size : 39.4mm / 57.7mm
• Metallic Strip Size : length 432mm X width 19.10mm
• Four holes of 2.2mm provided to fix it up with screw if require.
• Device is used to lockout all kind of levers / handles connected to
the electrical panel that is having no locking provision.
• For installation fix the sticky round yellow base (with high quality 3M
adhesive) rigidly then tighten the metallic / plastic strip accordingly
to freeze the movement oif operating lever / handle, & place the
padlock and tag.


Model No. LS-EP62

Di – Electric Panel Handle Lockout
Locking holes : 10 numbers each side base : 39.4mm / 57.7mm
Plastic strip : (L) 432mm X (W) 19.10mm.


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