Butterfly Valve Lockout With 6 Locking Holes

• Material – Poly Propylene
This device is used to lockout numerous sizes of butterfly valve.
Locking holes : 6 slots on slider part & 12 slots on cover part
• Accepts shackle maximum up to : 9.5mm
To lockout the handle or actuator of butterfly valve and avoid unexpected
energization or start up of valve at workplace.
Device is having good chemical property with super strong body which is
insulating, anti-soluble, anti-fracture with wear resistance to cracking and
Resistant to low and high temperature variation.
For installation place the cover on the top of valve handle then fix and adjust the
slider between the handle of butterfly valve and padlock + tag it.



Model No. LS-BU59

Valve lockout 

To lock the handle or actuator of butterfly valve with 6 locking holes

Suitable for locking out 8 to 45 mm butterfly valves

Accepts shackle upto 9.5mm


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