Valve Lockout Tagout Device- LS-BA68

• Material : Polypropylene
Available in four different sizes with / without extension to lockout numerous ball valves.

• Locking holes : 7 / 6 /A5 numbers.
• Accepts shackle maximum up to :
• Advantage:

This device is fully dielectric device that is very efficient, inexpensive and safe, also highly resistant to solvent and other
chemical products, resist cracking, abrasion and higher temperature changes, this device is used to lockout the movement of lever
for ball valve either in open or closed position, It can lockout the pipes with big diameter range as well as small diameter range.

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Ball Valve Lockout Tagout 

double leg (Slider & Cover)
with closed back and Front extension , 7 locking holes – C type  Ball valve lockout with legs on slider that fits on valve sizes 2″ to 1/2” (63.5mm)
Accepts shackle upto 7.5mm



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