Universal Valve Lockout Without Wire- LS-UV76

• Material : ABS/PP, Mild stainless steel part, SS sheet and Spring, PU
• Locking holes : 4 numbers.
Front Jaw/grip 14.5mm X 28mm, BOLT thickness 7 / 8 mm
Accepts shackle maximum up to : 9mm
Can used to lockout gate valve, ball valve and butterfly valve of numerous sizes.
 •Application: Lockout large levers, T-handles and other hard to secure mechanical devices, with the help of cable attachment we
can lockout the gate valves, and attaching the clamp with butterfly valve handle we can prevent unexpected activation, and can
be used to lockout perpendicular / OFF ball valves along with the single / dual arms.



Universal Valve Lockout

lower jaw made of metallic teeth to grip on valve handle,

4 locking holes body length 147mm, Accepts shackle upto 9mm,
Front Jaw/grip 14.5mm X 28mm BOLT thickness 7 / 8 mm


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