Osha Safety Nylon Shackle Lockout Padlock

• Nylon Shackle : height 38mm, diameter 6.3mm, nylon shackle plastic
synthesized material lock body
• All parts are explosion-proof, anti-magnetic, non-conductive – plastic,
copper or brass
• Durable lock body, easy to be carried, none silicon, UV resistance and
corrosion resistance, made of copper alloy material lock cylinder, can
effectively eliminate the metal friction sparks, nylon shackle: not only
completely insulated, but also greatly increase the
hardness of the lock shackle, specially design of
the double slot key to meet the requirements of
multi-level management, KD, KA, MK



Model No. LS-LC40

OSHA Safety LOTO padlock – ALIKE KEY (KA)

38mm Nylon Shackle Safety Padlocks, ABS Shell, 2key for 1 padlock, dia. 6mm.


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