Metallic Multiuse Cable Lockout Tagout- LS-C40

• Material : MS + chrome coating + covered by ABS & insulated steel cable.
• Accepts shackle maximum up to: 8mm
• Locking holes : 6 numbers, Jaw size : 52mm, Complete length : 150mm
• Width : 57mm
Locking arrangement: Carrying totally six holes for group isolation.
Cable length : provided 2mtr. along with a device Or can be customize 5mtr,
10mtr, 20mtr or more as per the demand.
Cable thickness : 5mm.

This device can be used to lockout huge range of industrial plant
equipments either electrical, mechanical and even forklift steering wheels, can be used
alone as a lockout hasp or with the provision of double sided looped insulated cable it can be
used as a cable lockout, upper cover made it electrically safe and device is corrosion resistant.



Model No. LS-C40 

Metallic multiuse cable lockout with insulated single end loop cable, 6 locking holes

Jaw size : 51.4mm / 34.6mm
Complete length : 150mm
Width : 57mm
Accepts shackle up to : 8mm
Cable (length 2mtr, thickness 5mm)


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