Electrical Panel Lockout Small Size With Chain

• Material : Polycarbonate
• Locking holes : 2 numbers to provide group isolation
• Electrical panel lockout device is used to lockout electrical panel buttons
and switches where there is no inbuilt lockout provision is provided. push
button and rotary switch covers, which is secured with a padlock or hasp
and this cover prohibits access to a switch or control on the electrical
panel. Body made in two parts of transparent bases and cover that allow
visibility of nameplates and labels.
• This transparent Cover for Panel Switches completely seals the Switch and
allows the user to see what position the switch is locked on.


Model No. LS-T52

Electrical Panel Lockout – Small – connected with metallic chain, 2 locking hole Upper Cover inner size 45mm X 45mm

inner body base 50.5mm X 50.5mm Depth 57mm
Chain length : 6″ (inch).


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