Di Electric Double Jaw Lockout Hasp- Lukko

• Material: ABS
• Complete length: 142.5mm
• Width: 39mm
• Jaw Size: two sides different jaw dia 26/25mm and 38/39mm respectively
• Accepts shackle maximum up to: 8.5mm
• Locking holes: 8 numbers to provide group isolation
• Weight: 21gm
Two extra small holes provided at the edges (both sides) to hang the tags with
the help of a cable tie.
• Advantage:

Used to lockout electrical as well as mechanical devices while
perform servicing, maintenance or cleaning activities, it can lockout nearby two
points by above and lower sides at the same time.


Model No. LS-H69

Double-End Lockout Hasp,
respectively, & 6 locking holes

Jaw dia. 26/25mm and 38/39mm respectively, Complete length 142.5mm.



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