Danger- Isolation Warning Tag Lockout- Lukko

  • Material: Polyester or Plastic
  • Weight: 6.5gm
  • Thickness: 0.4mm (± 10 %)
  • Size: length 78mm X 142mm, Diameter of eyelet 7.6mm
  • Application: It can be tied up with simple / numbered cable ties or directly tuck the padlock shackle inside the punched eye lid, and then write message with the normal / rewritable permanent marker pen.
  • Advantage:
  1. Weather and tear proof, oil resistant.
  2. Re – writeable and reusable.
  3. Main utilization of Tag out system is to communicate safety and lockout information like Danger, Caution and Do not attempt to operate or Out of service any switch, valve, or other energy isolating device bearing a padlock.
  4. Customize tags hence we can make the design / application specific display an application specific messages in the preferred language like English, Hindi etc.


Model No. LS-T66


Size : Length 110mm, width 100mm, thickness 0.4mm (± 10 %), diameter of eyelet 7.6mm


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